Work in Narrative Medicine/Graphic Medicine:

Yu M (2017) When I say… narrative competenceMedical Education 51(12):1203-1205.

Yu M (2018) Roles of graphic pathographies in clinical training. AMA Journal of Ethics 20(2): 115-121.

*Selected as a CME article

Yu M. StorytellingThe Huffington Post. 2 Dec. 2017.

Research Editorials/Commentaries:

Westhorpe F, Tiengwe C, Hunsberger H, Jain G, Wells M, Yu M, Bogdanovic O, Absalon S, Sen P, Madrigal P, Natarajan K (2017) Postdocs, what would you tell your younger self? Cell 168(5):745-748. (My commentary titled ‘Trust Your Gut and Be Independent’ was selected to be published in this issue of Cell.)

Yu M et al. (2017) Ten simple rules to make the most out of your undergraduate research career. PLOS Computational Biology 13(5): e1005484.

Other Research Publications:

Yu M et al. (2017) The therapeutic potential of anti-inflammatory exerkines in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Int J Mol Sci 18(6), 1260.

Other Academic Publications: