Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

My academic interests include narrative medicine, health policy, neuroscience and computational biology.

I enjoy writing about my experiences in science and medicine and relating them to large policy issues. Here is a synopsis of my work thus far:

  • My editorials/commentaries drawing upon my research experiences have been published in Cell and PLOS Computational Biology.
  • My editorial and award-winning stories in narrative medicine have been published in Medical Education, Pulse, and The Huffington Post. I have also written an editorial on the importance of graphic medicine that will be published in a forthcoming issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics and is selected as a continuing medical education (CME) article.
  • I have also published several science policy articles at PLOS ECR Community┬áthat were translated and republished at other venues.


“Be loud, be bold, be yourself.”

-Lea Michele